Grow with Google x USO: Supporting Veterans and their Families

There’s nothing more rewarding than working on a project that positively affect people’s lives, especially when we have a very personal connection to the stories we’re able to tell. With several of our team members having close ties to the US military, the opportunity to support Google’s multifaceted campaign to help service members and their families was a perfect blend of impact and personal passion.  

From end to end, we advised Google on ways to create a campaign that successfully honored service members while highlighting Google’s ongoing commitment to supporting the military community. In addition to consulting on strategy, we created video content that highlighted Google’s partnership with the USO and supported the launch of Google’s new job search tool designed to help veterans find civilian jobs that match the skills they gained in the military.

First, we created an animated video that introduced Google’s military job search tool and explained its various capabilities. The 30, 60, and 90 second versions of the animation were shown across multiple platforms, including YouTube, across social channels, as well as being run as nationally televised commercials. The video was also used for banner ads on heavily trafficked websites like CBS Sports.

2018-11-26 (1).jpg

Next, to bring the job search tool to life, we created a video that depicted how the USO is utilizing the search function as a fundamental part of their efforts to help veterans transition to civilian life. The piece featured the stories of veterans struggling to find civilian jobs and highlighted how the Google job search tool has helped with their transition. Like the animated video, we created several versions of the USO video that were tailored to each distribution channel, with the 60 second version being used as a national commercial and featured in a blog post.

uso gma good morning america veteran job search

To further amplify the campaign, both videos were aired during an episode of Good Morning America and during the 2018 Country Music Awards.

We are proud of the fact that every piece of the campaign was informed by veterans themselves - from the group of veterans at Google (VetNet) who helped us craft the language for the animation, to the veteran whose voiceover guides you through the animation, to the service members who appear in the USO video, as both counselors and clients. We met extraordinary members of the military community throughout the project and we’re humbled by the fact that they entrusted us with their stories.  

We are honored to support Grow with Google and the USO in their mission to help service members and their families, not just because it’s our personal passion, but because it is truly a worthy cause.

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