Film & TV

The development team at Xpedition Media is currently developing numerous projects, including documentary films and television shows with major studios. We are committed to developing ideas that stay true to our mission of telling honest, heartfelt stories that stir both the soul and the imagination on both a local and global scale.

We are proud to be represented by A3 Artists Agency.

Please be advised that Xpedition Media does not accept and/or review unsolicited material of any kind, including, but without limitation, any ideas, concepts, pitches, suggestions, characters, stories, treatments, outlines, scripts, formats, artwork, photographs, audiovisual works, musical compositions, sound recordings, and/or other similar works (collectively, “Unsolicited Material”). Any Unsolicited Material received by Xpedition Media by any means, including by electronic-mail, will be immediately deleted, destroyed and/or returned unread at Xpedition Media’s sole discretion.